Comedy & Horror Collide in Late Night Shorts Showcase | 2015 Dallas International Film Festival—April 9-19

Comedy & Horror Collide in Late Night Shorts Showcase

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Friday, April 10 @ Angelika
Saturday, April 11 @Angelika

by Holly Wright
DIFF Writer

This year’s line-up of Late Night Shorts will make you laugh… and then they will make you scream. From a crazed, dancing rapper made of Butter to “knock, knock” jokes turned deadly, and a hilarious retelling of Noah’s Ark, these Late Night Shorts cover everything from the simply bizarre to the utterly horrifying.23871675209908342
In the beginning, God separated the light from the dark, so starts the short film DAY 40, directed by Sol Friedmon. This is a delightful retelling of the 40 days of flood endured by Noah and the animals. Eventually, the true, animal nature of the diverse species onboard the arc begins to reveal itself as time drags on and everyone is cooped up on the boat. Finally, the dove and the olive branch appear – but so do some unexpected guests with ominous intentions…23871675210100487-1Julian Petschek brings his unique animation, music style rap to BUTTER YA’SELF. It is a visual dynamo with quick and witty writing. This short film is a great addition to the light side of the Late Night Shorts program.

23871675209908397Speaking of delightful, MYRNA THE MONSTER, directed by Ian Samuels, is a story about the sweetest alien since ET. Myrna is just like the rest of us, she just wants to be understood and to feel a little less lonely. Heartbroken and searching for meaning in her life, Myrna eventually discovers she might not be so alone after all.

Directed by Daniel Gray and Tom Brown, TEETH will make you cringe more than THE MARATHON MAN did. It is wonderfully horrific!

Jeff Betancourt’s KNOCK KNOCK falls more on the frightening side of the spectrum in this Late Night line-up. It’s the retelling of a tried and true horror theme: two cute, young girls sitting around the living room decide to play a game of “knock knock.” As usual, they get more than they bargained for when they inadvertently dredge up the dead from beyond the grave.

When you’re cast as the #2 bad guy, you get used to getting more than you bargained for – BAD GUY #2 is easily replaced by bad guy #3 and so on… In director Chirs McInroy’s BAD GUY #2 it’s a dog eat dog world full of disposable bad guys.

You need a strong constitution to watch Ben Steiner’s THE STOMACH. Being a medium is a rough job. It’s even tougher being a medium who’s spirit manifests itself through the human stomach. Filled with fratricide and betrayal layered with anguish, this short enthralls the audience in a way that makes it impossible to tear your eyes away from the screen – no matter how bad you may want to at times.




L.M. Kit Carson (Posthumously)
Lone Star State legend and influential writer, actor and producer Carson first gained recognition as creator of the mockumentary, DAVID HOLZMAN’s DIARY (1968), and co-wrote PARIS, TEXAS (1984).

Blythe Danner
Danner is well regarded for her roles in films such as MEET THE PARENTS and THE GREAT SANTINI. The Emmy-winning and Golden Globe-nominated actress is alos know for her work on television shows such as Will & Grace and Huff.

John Landis
A director for more than 40 years, Landis' films include NATIONAL LAMPOON’S ANIMAL HOUSE (1980), THE BLUES BROTHERS (1978) and AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON (1981).

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Phil Lord and Chris Miller
are the prolific writing and directing duo behind some of today’s most successful comedy films including, THE LEGO MOVIE, 21 & 22 JUMP STREET and CLOUDY WITH A CHANCE OF MEATBALLS.

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